The Merging Limits

We choose our limits. Sometimes, some people might seem contradicted, but the fact is they are only people who chose their limits. Sometimes we choose again to expand them, sometimes we shrink them, all depends on the experiences we gain. That’s all because we have a vast scope of choices! our limited souls, minds and bodies can not take them all at once. That’s why we change accordingly.

We choose our sets of references, and act steadily within them. Others may choose only one reference and act in a varied way within in that reference, all depends on the nature and quality of the references. Are they flexible or strict! Monotonous, grey scale or black and white type with sharp contrasts… the thing is that we have an endless sets of choices, and this is the beauty of the unlimited creator!

That’s why i can neither limit you within my limits nor judge. When i talk to you i must understand your sets of references and talk to you accordingly. maybe at that time, we can merge both our limits to have a wider scope with a common ground for a better vision reaching out for further limits. We can keep merging until we become the unlimited ourselves! A moment of unification .. that’s only if we choose.

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