The Badge of Honour

Knowledge .. the badge of honour .. a free thought .. is the actual freedom … i dont know everything is driving me lately towards this .. and anything related ..
The Arabic word on her forehead says: Elm – علم – or Knowledge

she stood in front of the mirror .. and she saw her thoughts rushing .. teaming … before her eyes .. and she recognized what truly makes her look pretty .. for her own self she had to become true .. an old childhood dream she has to pursue … a turning point has to be taken .. she will discover more about herself .. more to come if she’s not dead… i wonder what else she will see upon her reflection!

based on a self portrait, pencil on paper HB, 2B, 6B
coloured and texture by PS CS2


3 responses to “The Badge of Honour

  1. thank you heartily for stopping by, reading and commenting!sorry .. it might sound like a silly question… but how did you find me/my blog among this raging sea?! :)

  2. what an inspiring comment from a warm friend :))

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