Icon of the hard bargain..

Surrounded by knowledge and precious figures, who left their edifice of knowledge and values for her to learn well and continue building..
Alas! She refused to enter, she preferred turning her physical looks to an icon instead, for everyone to behold and stare…
She haggled quibbled wrangled bartered the immortal and precious with what’s mortal and cheap, shallow, superficial and a mere false mirage. What an absolute bad bargain!

She thought she was the purpose and the aim, but she could not realize she was the hope to realize the purpose … drifting apart with her idol dreams. Maybe in the amidst of the raging sea and roaring winds she will learn the lesson.. for the lesson was never too easy to grasp.
Knowledge mercifully tries to cover her body in decency
Her ignorance and repudiation strips her naked..
Knowledge aims to crown her head
She strives to detach her body from it instead..
Knowledge is to set her free

Read, Recite you poor pretty prey

The power of the good word will prevail in the end.

my deviation: http://paperpile.deviantart.com/art/Icon-of-The-Hard-Bargian-106856530


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