nonesense of the senses ..

it’s been a while i did not come here .. although im not sure why i am or what should i do with the blog .. still the vision is vague .. yet .. i think it will be a combination of whatsoever i write and draw .. what you read below … is something i kept in my cellphone’s saved items .. been hesitant .. lazy or afraid to let out as usual .. i dont write not coz i dont have something to say .. on the contrary .. my inner world is raging with feelings, questions and many many announcements .. i simply dont let out .. maybe i feel it’s useless to say and keep on saying .. maybe i feel im not really adding something new to you as we all know everything about everything but we just keep forgetting .. and denying .. this world is a history we are living and will be living .. maybe i feel it’s useless living at all .. but i believe .. still .. i have something to say before i go .. please read the nonsense below ..

the water bow, a drawing i did
jan 16th, 2009

07:20:30 pm

at one underground station .. waiting ..

happy birthday dear brother ..
i don’t even have a pen to write with or draw .. there could be a spelling mistake, a fatal one!

i like the mark and a word like attitude & contribute
i still like the mark this mark >> !
or this ¡, no, I still like the first better.

The house of ..
Regards .. daily regards, daily gardens .. notable streets, notable avenues, notable walks..

Light.. lots of light
Dripping dropping pouring water light.
Drops of hours.

i forget all what’s new
i keep all what’s ancient .. for all what’s ancient was once new.
i keep hills in my wardrobe.

An exit to an entrance I stepped through.

Dunes .. sulfa..
Discharge unload
Land of nod
Oh spirit..!
In peace, my body would you leave ¿
Upside downed question.

Which page shall we stand.

I will learn how to count if you don’t mind.
Turn, rotate the dial of the Sun.
It has witnessed billions, zillions of years.


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