a Quick shot of existence

well .. in bad need to write ..
wished that this blog would be revolved around anything but my egos and “selfness”..
but can this be prevented .. or ignored .. a fragrant of me would still be there .. subtly or vividly ..
i still exist .. im still alive .. still
and the colour is .. thickly pale ..
i exist for the pleasure and luxury of the words ..


(something wrote a few years ago)

Man has created the greatest code
Most of us can break
Written language
I’m amazed with the letters we write
Symbols we pronouns
And words we spell!
Words could have an influence like spell
Monotonously we repeat them to spell!
As if we’re making a spell!
Then we speak them to break the spell
To break the code!
Our pencils and pens draw them
To be read
To encode our thoughts
Other people’s thoughts
The enemy they become no more
As shared the codes
As shared the thoughts!


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