balancing against my rule!!

Although your sweet presence made me feel so secured ..
i know i will have to do without it .. i see no further notice .. maybe ..
i know my heart is brave enough to go on .. though your enlightening presence make it braver.
i know my brain is smart enough to learn and figure out things and reach conclusions … though your sweet guidance make it saner ..
how does it feel so wrong when it feels so right?
this was so unplanned .. so unintended .. i was ready to accept the fact i must go alone .. solus
and hope for anything in the world except this .. i was ready to hope that all hopeless cases in the world would be resolved except for this .. but this is the price of living .. hope is the price of feeling alive!
oh my friend of the few shining hours ..
help me leave you .. or stay here forever ..

my steps towards hope are so cracking the earth beneath my bare feet ..
my brush strokes are creating a feckless fable out of wishy-washy evidences … not caused by lack of vision .. but caused of too much of unreasonable hope of what my eye see is true.
God! hope is such an unbearable emotion.
im simply wimping out refusing to jump into the holly sea of hope .. though i’ve been the best of swimmers.. it is easier to be frail and supine.. pretending being indifferent, surrendering to a very unpleasant extraneous intervening lethargy.

hope is the bridge between a dry land ends with so many other possibilities.

i just wish to skip the stage of hoping to the stage of knowing.


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