my 3 martyr children …

would like to have two daughters and one son.
the girls will be called Sophia and Ursula. And the boy will be Yahia.

Yahia should look like his father. And they must have brave pearl hearts.

After deciding the names, i went to check the meaning of the first and the story behind the second of the girls’ names ..

Ursula: Little Bear .. (:

it was a name of a saint virgin princess who was martyred by the Huns on her way back from the pilgrimage. 4th century. She was legendary and popular among her people.

oh my little martyr bear ..
you’re going to be white chubby with softly curly dark hair,
dark eyes and rosy cheeks…
and will utter nothing but fair ..

Sophia: Wisdom

Her 3 daughters were martyred. She’s probably a mythical saint, as holiness were granted out of misunderstanding of the phrase: “Hagia Sophia” or “Holy Wisdom”.
She died of grief over her daughters.

oh wise Sophia ..
you will have a hair of golden brown and blue eyes…
you will rule and defeat the armies of darkness
greater than queen Zenobia..

Yahia or Johan .. we know that he’s a son of a prophet who were martyred as well.

Oh Yahia my son ..
secret of your father ..
servant of the Lord..
the spark in your eyes shall never fade away from your heart…
your aim and cause is no barter..

is this a coincidence .. choosing three names where being a martyr is something in common?
At least i hope my children would lead a life with the quality of a martyr ..

the question is .. am i a mother who deserves such children .. ?


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