Friedrich Froebel

A project I’ve started sometime ago and paused.
To draw figures of science and knowledge that we are not really familiar with and bring them back to life in my drawings.

This is my second drawing of such project.

“Friedrich Froebel, The German educationist who founded the German Kindergarten in 1840, showed the importance of playing in early learning process.”

— source: The New Caxton Encyclopedia, volume 9, edition 1979 Reference Picture
i know i made him look like this lord of the rings creature though :( … yet i honour him a lot ..

for more information please check this wikipedia link about: Friedrich Froebel

this drawing with some previous deviations startled a little nuclear idea of an upcoming project….. lets see where do we go from here …

pencil on paper … 2H, HB, B2, B6

p.s. i dont know what is wrong with my scanner.. there’s a green colour on the right side of the sketch :|


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