i miss those days, fridays at my aunt’s house when ALL the family gathering after prayers around dining table for lunch till midnight, and in evening the cousins gather in one room talk chat discuss music or go have long walks in maadi with… the smell of jasmine and frogs croaking in summer evening …

i miss the friday gatherings at my grandma’s old high ceiling yellow house in dokki in winter … lunch, coffees and cakes, me and my 2 cousins sitting in our CONFESSION room with the lovely balcony and we talk and talk about our imaginary knight in shining armor, counting and naming our children and fighting over one name that we want to keep .. laughing about our most silly “adventures” and crying over our heart aches .. reading ma wara2 el tabi3a (Metaphysics) in the heart of the night, cuddling in my late aunt Mona’s wooden bed when our uncle tries to scare us from behind the door, we talk and talk till dawn till one of the three of us falls asleep ..
summer nights when we laid down on our backs watching the skies through the trees, half our bodies in the room and half in the balcony …

i miss saturdays when my late brother may he rest in peace came with his wife to our place ..we all gather for lunch and in evening we play risk, pictionary and battle ship, all games and we blast in loud laughter for the funniest things ..

we all left knowing it is only till next week … we never thought this will end…


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