responding to hawary’s hallucinations

i have received a mental electric shock after reading my friend’s Hawary hallucinations towards the new year’s eve .. gazing at the winding up year .. we were asked to let our pens write freely after reading those hallucinations … the following is the outcome:

and when you stop the dream? then what? utter deafening silence turning you into a petrified ex flesh and blood? that bony ancestor against the wall is the mere  physical image of reaching the goal.

it is when the dream .. the fuel of life stops it is the explosion .. it is when the destination is reached the journey ends, what is the use of life when we all reach our orgasm? a turn off. and maybe a birth … a rebirth … a resurrection .. eternal eternal repeating mockery of the infinite moment ..zeal of the non sense that keeps the senses alive .. alert

who would fill the tubes with colours and who would spread the colours of the tubes? who will notice the unnoticed and who will capture the unseen? who will frame the unlimited and who will kill the immortal?

Who will save the heroes from the claws of the fi fie foes and tell the winners now you lose?

Who will wake the deepest slumber of all the seeding lechers? Who will resume the pausing lecture … of a history unlived? Who will mock, mumbling in laughter  at the face of the ugly truth? Who will coach the coach who will train the truth to remain truth and the facts to never falter? Who will shake the cradle .. and who will breast feed the beast? Who will plant the seed of the unforgiven in the womb of a soiled occupied land?

Who will retrieve the virginity of all raped dreams who will end the crawl between earth and heaven .. ?

Who will stutter, utter and shriek the first cry of freedom? Who will release the orbit and consume the lavish fire?

I see no one but the Me that died with all the ancestors and resurrected with all to be born.

if your pens to hallucinate .. what would it divulge?


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