Telling Honesty from Mockery

To be able to see .. we need to see this brutal most shockingly naked truth, though it hurts for sometime, long or short, but we must eventually appreciate it and by time we learn to trust those who hurt us with their honesty more than those who numb our senses with their sweet lies.

Those who hurt us with their moments of weakness of lies are those-though we may fully understand the reason behind their weakness and fears – are the most ones we need to never over look and discard what they did though we might forgive.

The real test of our real core is when we have to put up, survive and bear the atrocities of life, not when life “seemingly” treats us well … and int the same time .. enjoying and appreciating the times of peace while living them not taking them for granted … is another thing not all of us can do ..

I prefer brutal honesty than bitter mockery or irony though .. honesty can never be a point of weakness, but irony and mockery definitely belong to our fragile hidden worlds.

Sorry for bothering you with such thoughts.



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