an old draft of a repeated dream

ten closed doors till i reach my own ..
a repeated dream .. i always dream .. that i open a door after another and another … till i reach that far deep room at the very end .. my shelter and refuge .. where i will refute all the facts you’ve been feeding me.

i’ve always wondered what’s the significance of this repeated dream concept ..
all i can think of is .. privacy …. something to call my own .. and belong to ..

there’s no bright side of the dark, there’s no dark side of the light .. it’s whether light or dark.
well .. i know a quotation as well .. about hope says: “there’s no false thing about hope” .. hope is light .. hope is a torch .. God is light .. God is the hope .. else are mere idols ..
when you hope for things against your own principles .. then this is not hope.
when you keep trying while standing in the wrong square then this is deception ..

(Draft saved at 2:03:04 pm. Last edited on February 16, 2010 at 4:10 am)


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