Different point of Heart!

God is not religion, love is not a religion, love is not the goal, God is, God is not only love, hearts are not the place for love, though they are a place to KONW if this is love or not, it is to tell every true from every false if God is only in hearts. God is beyond love, love is just a fraction of HIM, love is beyond hearts bodies, selves and souls, hearts can be gates and can be cages of the soul and outer spirits, and they are not that beating organ or that shape we consumed ““. Eyes can be crystal balls of our hidden tongs , thoughts, history and previous self, what we were before we come to this life and what we will be when leave, and they can be mere windows but windows can be broken, dim, shady, stained or blank, do not stand in front of other people’s windows too long, do not stare, do not try to expose or break in and invade, be polite and knock the gate by speaking kindly asking for permission and before that, listen carefully to the vibes of their existence and your heart will filter and guide whether this is a soul of a gate heart or a cage heart, whether it should be opened or be stayed away from forever. Gate hearts are safe endless streams and grant nothing but beauty in all its forms, love is one of them, they set their owners free, set you too free, cage hearts never knew God or let his light in, they are dark prisons and deep cold dry wells with false echoing calls and invitations. Invite only God in, the soul in bad need to rest peacefully in His presence and sight.


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