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Different point of Heart!

God is not religion, love is not a religion, love is not the goal, God is, God is not only love, hearts are not the place for love, though they are a place to KONW if this is love or not, it is to tell every true from every false if God is only in hearts. God is beyond love, love is just a fraction of HIM, love is beyond hearts bodies, selves and souls, hearts can be gates and can be cages of the soul and outer spirits, and they are not that beating organ or that shape we consumed ““. Eyes can be crystal balls of our hidden tongs , thoughts, history and previous self, what we were before we come to this life and what we will be when leave, and they can be mere windows but windows can be broken, dim, shady, stained or blank, do not stand in front of other people’s windows too long, do not stare, do not try to expose or break in and invade, be polite and knock the gate by speaking kindly asking for permission and before that, listen carefully to the vibes of their existence and your heart will filter and guide whether this is a soul of a gate heart or a cage heart, whether it should be opened or be stayed away from forever. Gate hearts are safe endless streams and grant nothing but beauty in all its forms, love is one of them, they set their owners free, set you too free, cage hearts never knew God or let his light in, they are dark prisons and deep cold dry wells with false echoing calls and invitations. Invite only God in, the soul in bad need to rest peacefully in His presence and sight.


an old draft of a repeated dream

ten closed doors till i reach my own ..
a repeated dream .. i always dream .. that i open a door after another and another … till i reach that far deep room at the very end .. my shelter and refuge .. where i will refute all the facts you’ve been feeding me.

i’ve always wondered what’s the significance of this repeated dream concept ..
all i can think of is .. privacy …. something to call my own .. and belong to ..

there’s no bright side of the dark, there’s no dark side of the light .. it’s whether light or dark.
well .. i know a quotation as well .. about hope says: “there’s no false thing about hope” .. hope is light .. hope is a torch .. God is light .. God is the hope .. else are mere idols ..
when you hope for things against your own principles .. then this is not hope.
when you keep trying while standing in the wrong square then this is deception ..

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تعليقي على مدونة الناشط وائل خليل بخصوص التوصل لاتفاق بشأن استفتاء 19 مارس

بخصوص التوصل لتوافق أتفق معك في كل ما قلت والطرح الذي قدمه المستشار البسطويسي هو طرح منظم واضح لما اقترحناه كغير مؤيدون لتعديل دستور غير شرعي فاسد من كثرة ما أجري عليه من تعديلات على مر عصور جمهوريته. أكتب تعليقي هذا وقد تم الإعلان عن تعديلات أدخلها المجلس الأعلى على نص المادة 189 توجب على كل من الرئيس والمجلسين أن يلتزما كتابة دستور جديد. لكن هل هذا التعديل في سياق الدستور ككل بالفعل ملزم؟؟؟ لماذا اختار المجلس الأعلى نفس السيناريو الذي طرحه الرئيس المخلوع وهو فقط تعديل المواد الإشكالية الخاصة بشروط الترشح والانتخاب وتنظيم العملية الانتخابية ومدة الحكم؟ لماذا لم يوصي أيضا بتعديل المواد المتعلقة بصلاحيات الرئيس أيضا إذا كان بالفعل سيتم اعتبار هذا الدستور المعطل بعد التعديل مؤقت؟؟

لقد فقدنا بالفعل شهرين في انتظار التعديلات ومهاترات أخرى وقد كان من الممكن خط دستور جديد لا فقط تعديل وفي كلتا الحالتين سواء تعديل أو خط دستور فهو تحت حكم عسكري فرض علينا فرضا وقد كنا ننادي بحلهم من هذه المسؤولية بالإعلان الدستوري وانتخاب لجنة دستورية مشهود لها بالنزاهة والوطنية. وإذا كان التخوف من وضع دستور تحت حكم عسكري لماذا لا يجيبنا أحد في السؤال الذي نطرحه، لماذا لا نفعل دستور 54 الذي شهد له بأنه مناسب جدا للمرحلة مع تعديل أي مادة تحتاج لتعديل إن وجد؟؟؟

إذا تم تأجيل الاستفتاء إذا يجب على المجلس الأعلى أن يظهر ماهو أكثر من النية الحسنة ويطالب لجنة التعديلات تعديل المواد المتعلقة بصلاحيات الرئيس ويأخذ في الاعتبار أيضا أن يتم الاستفتاء على كل تعديل على حده.

يبقى السؤال إذا لم يؤجل الاستفتاء ماذا يسقطه؟ في رأيي إذا لم نستطع التأجيل- وهذا ما أشك أن المجلس الأعلى سوف يسمح بحدوثه- إذاً لا للتعديلات حينها قد تكون الخيار الأفضل لأن هذا يعني أننا نعلن أن لا سلطة فوق سلطة الشعب ولا شرعية على شرعية الثورة، وبهذا نطالب المجلس بالامتثال لطلب الإعلان الدستوري الذي ننادي به متمثلاً في طرح المستشار البسطويسي

إذا وافق المجلس الأعلى دون تعنت ومماطلة لن يضيرني ولن أعارض أن يتم خط الدستور الجديد في وجوده لأنه وقتها سيكون جزء من الثورة والشرعية وليس فقط مشرف أو وصي!

الجيش جزء من الشعب مساعدته ومساندته وخضوعه لإرادة الشعب واجب لا خيار فيه إلا إذا كان معناه أنهم يودون ممارسة وصايتهم على المدنين!!

بالإضافة أن ثورتنا يجب أن تفرض روح الزمن، وزمننا هذا وكل زمن يؤكد أن قوانين البشر يمكن أن تتكسر وكم نحن بحاجة لإبداع حلول ومخرج لهذا المأزق بمساعدة ذوي الخبرة الدستورية والقانونية، أما أن يقال لنا أنه لا خيار إلا خيار اللجوء لدستور فاسد فهذا ما لايمكن تقبله!

التاريخ لنتعلم منه ولكن لا لأن نعود إليه أو نفرضه على مستقبل!

والثورة لا تقوم للحفاظ على آثار فكرية بل لخلق طفرة وتطور لتلك الأفكار

ثورة أو لا ثورة

هذا تعليق لصديقي وائل قاسم، وهو رافض للتعديلات ويطالب بدستور جديد، التعليق كتبه يوم الأحد ، ورابط الترجمة العربية بالأسفل:

“The Path to the Constitution.

Even the experts are split between Yes and No to the amendments, but we all agree that eventually we’ll need a new constitution – the question is How. Regardless of the pros and cons of each method, and before I share my worthless thoughts, I’d like to thank the Supreme Council for (unintentionally) causing us to take a crash course in constitutional law ‎.. and not unlike any one who looks at things from a systems thinking point of view, my main objective is efficiency. Call me crazy but I hate wasting time and money and effort so I’ll just run down each method and count the number of steps needed toward a stable democratic republic:

Method 1 – Constitution 1971 Amended:

Step (1) Make amendments to 1971 constitution.

Step (2) Run a referendum on the amendments (March 19th) if the result is No then return to step (1) & repeat or abort, if the result is Yes then proceed on to

Step (3) Run Parliamentary elections.

Step (4) Run Presidential elections.

Step (5) Ask the the parliament to elect a constitution committee.

Step (6) Run a referendum on the constitution committee(?)

Step (7) Draw a new constitution.

Step (8) Run a referendum on the new constitution; if No return to the previous step and repeat, if Yes proceed on to(??)

Step (9) Run Parliamentary elections.

Optional Step (10) Run new Presidential elections.

(?) I am not sure if we’ll need to run a referendum on the constitution committee.

(??) I am not sure if we’ll need to run a referendum on the new constitution here since it was drawn by a committee elected by the parliament.

Method 2 – Brand new Constitution:

Optional Step (1) Issue a constitutional declaration.

Step (2) List of 100-200 potentials for the constitutional committee.

Step (3) Run a referendum to select the top 50-100 members of constitutional committee.

Step (4) Draw a new constitution.*

Step (5) Run Presidential elections.

Step (6) Run Parliamentary elections.

Optional Step () Form a Presidential Council with a civilian majority.

* No need to run a referendum on the new constitution here since it was drawn by a committee elected directly by the people – but I’ll add a step here for good measure.

The Result:

Method 1 – At least 7 and up to 10 steps.

Method 2 – At least 5 and up to 8 steps.

The Verdict:

Regardless of the time each step would take, and the level of confidence in either methods; Method 2 – Brand new Constitution is the more efficient of the two with the least estimated effort and cost.

The Recommendation:

Cancel March 19th referendum and use the money for something better.”

الترجمة العربي في الرابط ده، المترجم مش هو صاحب النص الأصلي

Telling Honesty from Mockery

To be able to see .. we need to see this brutal most shockingly naked truth, though it hurts for sometime, long or short, but we must eventually appreciate it and by time we learn to trust those who hurt us with their honesty more than those who numb our senses with their sweet lies.

Those who hurt us with their moments of weakness of lies are those-though we may fully understand the reason behind their weakness and fears – are the most ones we need to never over look and discard what they did though we might forgive.

The real test of our real core is when we have to put up, survive and bear the atrocities of life, not when life “seemingly” treats us well … and int the same time .. enjoying and appreciating the times of peace while living them not taking them for granted … is another thing not all of us can do ..

I prefer brutal honesty than bitter mockery or irony though .. honesty can never be a point of weakness, but irony and mockery definitely belong to our fragile hidden worlds.

Sorry for bothering you with such thoughts.


لن يبعث آدم إلا بالسلام

“The power of peace lies within each of us” — Willy Whitefeather

في الأصل كانت الحبة والنول والغزل وغصن الزيتون والسلام
ثم اشتعل الغصن ليقود مسيرة توحد الأمم في الأوليمبياد
لكن عندما اشتعل اشتعلت المنافسة
واشتعل النول والغزل وتحولوا إلى سهم ورمح
وأصبحنا نبيذا يراق لأجل الخبز
نصلب كل يوم
كل ضد يحمل بداخله ضده
فاختاروا السلام واتبعوه
من قتل نفسا لم يعلم أنه قد مات حين عزم القتل
قد قتل آدم فجميعنا آدم
ولن يبعث آدم إلا بالسلام

responding to hawary’s hallucinations

i have received a mental electric shock after reading my friend’s Hawary hallucinations towards the new year’s eve .. gazing at the winding up year .. we were asked to let our pens write freely after reading those hallucinations … the following is the outcome:

and when you stop the dream? then what? utter deafening silence turning you into a petrified ex flesh and blood? that bony ancestor against the wall is the mere  physical image of reaching the goal.

it is when the dream .. the fuel of life stops it is the explosion .. it is when the destination is reached the journey ends, what is the use of life when we all reach our orgasm? a turn off. and maybe a birth … a rebirth … a resurrection .. eternal eternal repeating mockery of the infinite moment ..zeal of the non sense that keeps the senses alive .. alert

who would fill the tubes with colours and who would spread the colours of the tubes? who will notice the unnoticed and who will capture the unseen? who will frame the unlimited and who will kill the immortal?

Who will save the heroes from the claws of the fi fie foes and tell the winners now you lose?

Who will wake the deepest slumber of all the seeding lechers? Who will resume the pausing lecture … of a history unlived? Who will mock, mumbling in laughter  at the face of the ugly truth? Who will coach the coach who will train the truth to remain truth and the facts to never falter? Who will shake the cradle .. and who will breast feed the beast? Who will plant the seed of the unforgiven in the womb of a soiled occupied land?

Who will retrieve the virginity of all raped dreams who will end the crawl between earth and heaven .. ?

Who will stutter, utter and shriek the first cry of freedom? Who will release the orbit and consume the lavish fire?

I see no one but the Me that died with all the ancestors and resurrected with all to be born.

if your pens to hallucinate .. what would it divulge?


i miss those days, fridays at my aunt’s house when ALL the family gathering after prayers around dining table for lunch till midnight, and in evening the cousins gather in one room talk chat discuss music or go have long walks in maadi with… the smell of jasmine and frogs croaking in summer evening …

i miss the friday gatherings at my grandma’s old high ceiling yellow house in dokki in winter … lunch, coffees and cakes, me and my 2 cousins sitting in our CONFESSION room with the lovely balcony and we talk and talk about our imaginary knight in shining armor, counting and naming our children and fighting over one name that we want to keep .. laughing about our most silly “adventures” and crying over our heart aches .. reading ma wara2 el tabi3a (Metaphysics) in the heart of the night, cuddling in my late aunt Mona’s wooden bed when our uncle tries to scare us from behind the door, we talk and talk till dawn till one of the three of us falls asleep ..
summer nights when we laid down on our backs watching the skies through the trees, half our bodies in the room and half in the balcony …

i miss saturdays when my late brother may he rest in peace came with his wife to our place ..we all gather for lunch and in evening we play risk, pictionary and battle ship, all games and we blast in loud laughter for the funniest things ..

we all left knowing it is only till next week … we never thought this will end…